jupiter and beyond the blocks

Like the Monolith—ie excluding any curve—, Jupiter and Beyond the Blocks is a machinima-remake of the mythic scene of the 2001 Space Odyssey made ​​using Minecraft.

At Jupiter, Dave Bowman leaves Discovery One to investigate another gigantic black monolith in orbit around the gas giant. Approaching it, he finds himself racing at high speed in a colorful, psychedelic, strange and ... cubic tunnel.

Jupiter and beyond the blocks has been part of Machiniglitch, a machinima exhibition curated by Isabelle Arvers at :
- Gamerz Festival #9 / Aix-en-Provence, France / Oct. 2013
- Vector Festival / Toronto, Canada / Feb. 2014
Other exhibitions
- ICCC 2014 / Ljubljana, Slovenia / Jun. 2014


in 2013


- Felicien Goguey : Direction

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