la maison de l'image et du signe

In 2013/2014 is announced the upcoming opening of the future Maison de l’Image et du Signe de Sevran (center dedicated to digital cultures in Sevran). To accompany the launch of the center, a solution of communication that affects both the "connected" public and the inhabitants of the city in physical public places has been conceived. At the moment, the structure leads training and workshops, and hosts digital art performances.

To connect those two spheres, we designed a " tweet-box ": a traveling video projection kit for displaying a tweet wall in different places of the city. A complete custom solution has been coded thanks to Twitter Rest API and modern web technologies. A one-page timeline website, a video clip and deployment on social networks were created along this device.

Software & Technologies :
- Twitter REST API
- Javascript, jQuery
- BigVideo.JS, Smint

digital & performing arts


#code #interaction #installation #sound

- Multimedia Sorbonne
- Millie Servant : Project Manager, Graphic designer & Copywriter
-Athitaya Hennard : Graphic designer & Illustrator
-Clara Bofill : Scriptwriter & Video director

for La Maison de l'Image et du Signe de Sevran

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