l'astronomie se la raconte

With the help of Multimedia Sorbonne Agency, professional astrophysicians in Paris region launched a print campaign in the subway and a website (L'astronomie se la raconte - WebGL required) to inform the public about a scientific culture exhibition in Paris.

DIM ACAV (area of ​Major ​Interest in Astrophysics and Conditions of Emergence of Life) brings together 19 research laboratories and is headed by the Paris Observatory in partnership with the Paris region.

Illustration on "Usine à Atomes" and "Leur matière grise".

Press :
---Agency press release (French)
---Observatory press release (French)


in 2014

#illustration #print

- Multimedia Sorbonne
- Athitaya Hennard : Project Manager & Illustrator
- Aurélie Verdon : Illustrator
- Guillaume Piccarreta : Development
- Millie Servant : Copywriting & Concept
- Mathilde Pothet : Graphic Design
- Philippe Keang : Illustrator & Webdesign

for The Paris Observatory

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